Dolphin Tours Near Tybee Island

Little Tybee Hop – Two Hour Trip

Bottlenose Dolphin hunt together in pods pushing a surge of water that will throw Mullet and Menhaden up onto the bank. They take it a step further and heave their own bodies up out of the water and onto the bank to eat the fish in a coordinated strike. This is locally called “Mudding” better known as “Strand Feeding.” There are a handful of regions in the world that they do this. Ask for a low tide tour if you would like to look for them mudding, featured on the Discovery channel. 2hr trip – $220 (for 2 people) and up.

There is nothing like being in the salt marsh or the ocean surrounded by Bottlenose Dolphin. See what they eat when we cast net for the bait fish that they are pursuing. Turn off the engine and listen to the dolphin as they surface and forcefully chuff spray out their blow hole. Our Jack Russell “Fiddler” often accompanies us and she is our dolphin whisperer with her ears pointed in the direction of the pod. Dogs can hear a wider range of frequencies and can pick up on the clicks dolphins produce while communicate with one another and to echolocate prey. Learn about similarities between their brain to ours. This trip appeals to those wanting a relaxed and engaging cruise.