Georgia Coastal History Boat Tour

Three Hour Trip

Visit Lazzaretto Creek Fishing Village, Cockspur Beacon, Fort Pulaski. 3 hrs – $360 (for 2 people) and up. All trips are fully refundable.

Back River, Tybee’s Raised Cottages, World War II Diving school, Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Lighthouse and Lazaretto Creek Fishing Community. The smallest light house in Georgia at 46′, it has endured the Siege at Fort Pulaski and many a storm. Lazaretto Creek was the area at the mouth of the Savannah River where ships coming to Savannah would moor up and wait to be boarded by a doctor. It was a quarantine station. Includes landing on Cockspur Island, birding, seeing the local shrimping fleet, salt marsh ecology, maritime history, sight seeing, dolphin viewing, and cast netting.